The town Mšeno invites to a town Museum in the premises of the Town Hall, the exhibition is open to visitors on the second floor.

Opening hours: 9.00 - 12.00, 13.30 - 17.00 h (April-October) - closed till April 1st.

Admission: adults 20,- Kč, children 10,- Kč

   The Museum holds a status of an affiliated exhibition of the Regional Museum in Mělník. The display is situated on the second floor, covering area of two Town Hall rooms.

   A substantial portion of the exhibition pays attention to the guilds of Mšeno – on display one can see historical guild shields of the local joiners, locksmiths and shoemakers. Further, one can notice guild coffers; gild ferules, bailiff’s rights, and some three-dimensional signboards- those of smithery and a locksmith’s trade. In this section a fully equipped shoemaker’s workshop predominates – along with the master shoemaker and all the accoutrement of his trade.

   Another section is comprised of a period end-of-the-19th-century burgess interior, whose equipment includes pieces like a round inlaid table with fret-worked chairs, a chaise longue, a bootjack, a period chest, an empire timepiece, a fine piece of glasswork and pewter ware.

   The third section of the display is dedicated to Mšeno’s big names – Augustine Herman and the archeologist J.L.Píč. The former has the distinction of being the first known immigrant from Czech Lands who settled in America and became one of the naturalized citizens of Maryland. He was obviously one of the most conspicuous and colorful personalities of the 17th century colonial America. The latter, a university professor of geology with a keen interest in archeology, triggered a systematic archeological excavations in the whole area of Bohemia towards the end of the 19th century, thus he contributed to creation of the first accomplished archeological maps of Bohemia. The exhibition displays his working desk, chair and an inks-well. The whole display is provided with tags containing supplementary comments.