The rock formation "Pokličky"
   Although from the bird's eye view the Kokořín region seems to be a flat mound, believe it or not, the reality proves otherwise. The erosive wash of natural forces has carved deep furrows in the relief of this part of the Czech Cretaceous (chalk) basin. This water runoff washed out numerous rugged gorges and hollows in its bedrock, uncovering sandstone depositions sedimented horizontally long ago by the sea, which had been washing this region from the north. Owing to these forces, today we can quite often come across fossil casts of Mesozoic animals in the rocks of this region.

   Castle Kokořín, photo T.Hora, THCNaturally, the general character of the local landscape is not formed merely by the plentiful rock formations, but also by the basaltic, phonolite or trachyte elevations, bounding the region from the north. These hilly elevations of the Dokeská pahorkatina (Vrátenská mountain, Nedvězí) offer the most attractive views over the scenery of the whole northern part of the Bohemian dell, providing sights of smooth transitioning into the mountainous terrain of the Polomené hory (Polomené mountains) in the north and the Ralská pahorkatina (Husa, Čap, Vlhošť, Ronov) in the north-west.

Castle Bezděz   It is needless to say, that the local landmarks are predominatly represented by castles (Kokořín, Liběchov, Dubá) and ruins. You can not only find many a chatéau and former cliff castle, but numerous fine sacral edifices as well. This particular region, in which the Germans and Czechs resided together for centuries, is also attractive for its original wooden architecture, preserved mostly owing to the careful maintenance and upkeep carried out by the weekenders - cottage dwellers. Romantic natures will surely appreciate the countless caves, grottos, and cave dwellings, which are dispersed within the region of the Kokořín valley. 

Timbered cottage   Additionally, it is no wonder, that both due to the fact that the Mšeno region is remaining intact by industry and due to its rather remote location from the main thoroughfare system, the Kokořín region has established a dense cobweb of spontaneous and also sign-posted hiking trails and cycle tracks. This heavily wooded country yields plenty of romantic corners, which have already inspired people like Karel Hynek Mácha (poet), Eduard Štorch (novelist) and many a painter. Despite its adjacent location to the city of Prague, Mšeno has yet not been fully discovered by travel industry, and as a result, it accordingly provides its visitors with plenty of opportunities to spend a phenomenal vacation out of the reach of the traditional tourism movement centers.
Winter landscape   Recently, the accommodation and boarding capacity has increased considerably and the range of provided services improved as well - and this increasing development of the region is believed to sustain its progressive pace. We truly hope that Your visit in the Kokořín region will satisfy Your vacation fantasies and we shall always be glad to have You coming back, so that You could admire the Kokořín region beauties in all seasons.

   The whole region is located in the Protected Landscape Area Kokořínsko (CHKO Kokořínsko), we would thus like to ask You to respect the rules of environment protection and the trail signs. We perceive this small slice of natural environment as our precious treasure and we believe we should attempt with utmost care to hand it down to our offspring and later generations in a better condition, than in which it is today.