Life in town baths   Life in Mšeno is altogether a rich diversity of events and activities put together by various town’s clubs (associations), organizations and its residents. We take it for granted that these events be directly influenced by local schools, political parties, churches and some go-ahead individuals, as well as the visitors of our region. On the whole, these aspects contribute to today’s cultural life of the town, its day-to-day reality, hopefully an image of a maturing civil society. This image is rendered not only by these sports, cultural and social events, but also by the communal politics and, after all, even this website, with its Mšeno’s life-mirroring ambition and in the future, perhaps even an electronic chronicle form.

Children's masquerade   The swim of life in Mšeno is to a great extent affected by the natural cycle of seasons. During wintertime, the events appear as if slumberous a little, but in reality they rather move indoors, into the comfort of homes, pubs and gyms. Following the Christmas holiday a ball season opens up traditionally, with the balls (each year there are btw 5-7 balls!) being hosted mainly by either the town, or some of the town’s clubs, associations or fraternities. The winter landscape in the Kokokořín region is truly amazing, and the snow-capped rocks and snowed-in ravines of this region hold an irresistible attraction for many a romantic soul, calling them to come out of their homes and experience its pristine nature. Owing to our specific microclimate, there are almost always relatively promising cross country skiing and ice-skating opportunities.

   But the truly lively activities break out in the spring. People hurl themselves into busy-beeing in their gardens and fieldwork, the cottagers come returning large-scale after the winter, and the tourists start putting in a welcome appearance. Hand in hand with this goes a full-steam increase in social and sports events, and this pace is more or less sustained on weekly basis until late October. The town grows almost twice in its population over the summer season, mainly thanks to the considerable number of recreation areas with cottages, as well as the beauties of the region.

Autumn alley in Kokorin Valley   Fall becomes the closing season for many of the clubs and organizations; the tourist season comes to its end (although the mushroom picking and the hunting seasons begin). This is time for looking back and balancing. Winter comes and all enters the sustained cycle again…