Speedway track   The town Mšeno’s life has been rich in sports events. Its fame reaches far beyond the boundaries of Czech Republic thanks to its long-rooted motor sport tradition, mainly for its enduro races and also recently for numerous international speedway events. From historical perspective the oldest sport club, presently active, is the Sokol though. The largest sport club is the SK Mšeno. Other clubs, such as the Climbing Club and the recently founded Cycling Club, have become very go-ahead.

Bicycle race  

   Mšeno’s surroundings roundly invite sport activities in the open, i.e. jogging, cross country running, orienteering, rock-climbing, cycling, swimming, cross country skiing, ice-skating.


   The winter cross country skiing season in our region lasted some very nice 82 days last year (in the 2003/4 season this lasted 22 days, 2004/5 - 48 days).

   In hail of sport!


  • Gym available for renting (for sports and commercial purposes) at 150 Kč/hour.
  • Courts for tennis – volleyball – football tennis for renting at 160 Kč/hour.

Contact, tel.: +420602376527