Library   Cultural events in Mšeno are more or less scarce, but they certainly do exist. As for these events, they are mostly shows of the local troupe, accompanied by some occasional concerts. A firm share of the local culture are anchored with the library and the Basic School of Arts. Works of its pupils may be seen on display in many a shopping window in town, as well as on the premises of the Town Hall and on the occasion of various art displays.

The Insect Play (Ze života hmyzu 1921; trans. 1923) by K.Čapek   The shows (summer stocks are among the most favorite) are put to a great extent thanks to the Theater Society in cooperation with the Town Hall and the local Sokol Org., be it either performances put by the Mšeno Troupe or visiting shows from the neighboring counties. An interesting contribution to Mšeno's cultural events includes performances by the puppet show group called ”U broučka.” In addition, an annual month-long rehearsal and a workshop visit paid by the international troupe NIE is worth of notice. NIE then traditionally put their performance toward the end of their stay.

Basic School of Arts Dance Orchestra    Live music performances can be heard mainly owing to the Basic School of Arts Mělník, its students, alumni and instructors. Last year one could attend their advent concert in the local Protestant Church; this year saw their performances at the town open air baths on the occasion of the Terry Fox Run and the traditionally organized multi-genre event of the town's ”Last Bathing.” The town baths complex seems to be more than seasonable for such events and we truly hope for the future to have a greater number of performances put here.

Intermezzo, a mixed choir   Founding of the Intermezzo Choir has been another red-letter cultural enterprise (March 2005). Its members are not only locals but also singers from the neighboring villages of Nebužely, Stránka and even from as far as Mělník. The choir had its first public appearance at the event of the gala academy of Mšeno’s Sokol 140th anniversary. The program included folk songs, gospels and even classical community singing. All interested in attending our choir are most welcome to join our rehearsals on Wednesdays, starting 18:30 in the hall of the Mšeno Town Hall.

   Other concerts may be attended during summer season in the nearby Kadlín, Mělnické Vtelno, Chorušice and Bořejov churches. The Castle Houska also prides in a rich musical performance program featuring many musical evenings.

   The local movie house has unfortunately ceased to exist, resulting in many of the filmgoers traveling to see movies in the nearby cities and towns (Mělník, Mladá Boleslav, Neratovice, Všetaty, Doksy and during summer season also Bělá pod Bezdězem). The open-air movie theater in Dubá – Nedamov enjoys a numerous attendance, as in the summer season you can join the duty of watching films with the entertainment of having a swim in the nearby pond. Here (at the break of July /August), a traditional jazz festival takes place. Film clubs screen movies in Mělník, Mladá Boleslav, Neratovice and Česká Lípa.